Vēnī. Vīdī. Vīcī.

Caesar is designed for successful global business interaction and collaboration. Caesar is an independent and private community and network for people and businesses that have achieved success across industries including politics, economies, sports, cultures, arts and entertainments. If you are eligible to join, please consider joining Caesar Network. Even without having your own network, you can start collaborating with people and businesses that have achieved success in various industries around the world as soon as you join Caesar. Moreover, Caesar is given exclusive access to the Meta Lounge Pantheon.
METASHIP is a combined word for Metaverse and Membership.

When you join Caesar, you don't simply represent a role as a digital identity for the Caesar community or network. Caesar will receive exclusive benefits and perks as the roadmap activates and the network grows. Offerings are made without limitation while you own Caesar, and you are granted commercial use of Caesar's digital artwork in your possession. Here you can start business and collaboration through new derivative works.
Caesar can start business and collaborate with successful people or companies in various industries.

For example, if you are an entrepreneur, you can find business partners for your new business on Caesar Network. If you are a world-class athlete, you can find a partner to start your own branding. Caesar can go beyond a digital identity and be used as a means of proof of identity or identity for being a part of a community. If you are starting a business and struggling with the lack of a human network, Caesar is a great alternative.
In Pantheon, you can instantly meet other Caesars without the constraints of time and space.

We live in a fast-paced world, but a day may be too short for you. It’s time for you to overcome the barriers of time and space, save your time efficiently and start business and collaborate with other Caesars immediately at Pantheon, the meta lounge. If you have Caesar, you have instant and direct access to the metaverse lounge Pantheon. In Pantheon, every word you say will automatically be translated into the other person's language to overcome the language barrier. All business and collaborations are private and not disclosed to anyone.
Pantheon is open 24 hours, but access is not permitted to anyone. Pantheon is the very first exclusive benefit for Caesars. Pantheon will be the new Web3 standard that simply works on the web without any additional application or program. Pantheon offers limitless opportunities. Start your business right away.
Caesar is the first to implement global business in the metaverse.

Business and collaboration in all industries that previously existed have entered a new phase. Metaverse is guiding all the knowledge and experiences we have known to a new world. Now, we hope you find new opportunities and become a pioneer of the metaverse. So far, Caesar has been planned in a total of four phases. Exclusive offers and new benefits will be revealed each time a new phase opens. Caesar will be the new standard for metaverse business.

Pantheon is the metaverse lounge which is the first phase of the Caesar project that only Caesars can exclusively access without the constraints of time and space. If you're Caesar, you'll have instant access to the Pantheon. In Pantheon, you can instantly meet other Caesars, propose and accept business and collaboration. Pantheon provides a combination of features to help you succeed in businesses and collaborations. Pantheon will continuously be updated as the roadmap activates and Caesar's universe expands.
Caesars can start business and collaboration offline going beyond the metaverse lounge.

Caesar can experience the business that is being embodied and getting into reality through the metaverse lounge. Caesar can start a business in Korea. If you have embodied your ideas, started business and collaborated with other Caesars in the metaverse lounge, please head to Korea. Caesar provides an offline lounge to successfully conduct offline business through collaboration with various companies. In addition, various parties and festivals are held in Korea as part of exclusive benefits for Caesars. Starting in Korea, Caesar gradually expands offline business opportunities throughout business hubs around the world
Meteorlabs is the company based in Korea that has the DNA of persistence and the spirit of challenge that never gives up.

The core team of our project consists of Koreans. We pride ourselves on having the DNA of never giving up. We are not afraid to challenge and experiment new ideas. Moreover, we are wary of success and we face failure as an inevitable companion. We have no doubt that we will play a definite and essential role in the metaverse world. All of our team members on our project are performing at their best in their respective roles.
CEO / Director
Astrom is the founding member of a major consulting and advisory firm in Korea. He is the leader of Meteorlabs who is very passionate about his work and loves to learn new things.
CTO / Developer
Mars is the founder of a software and web/app development company. He got fascinated by Meteorlabs' plan and decided to join the project as a co-founder. He is a very good developer.
TEAM / Art Director
Feelkit is the art director. He owns quirky and fun concepts and ideas. His illustrations have a large fan base worldwide.
TEAM / Developer
Anne is a full-stack developer who devotes his full time to the project. He spends most of his time working on the CAESAR project.
TEAM / Developer
Monet is a very promising and top developer in the web/app development field. He decided to join when he found huge interest in our project.
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