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- CAeSAR -

What kind of project is Caesar?
Caesar is designed for successful global business interaction and collaboration. Caesar is an independent and private community and network for people and businesses that have achieved success across industries including politics, economies, sports, cultures, arts and entertainments. If you are eligible to join, please consider joining Caesar Network. Even without having your own network, you can start collaborating with people and businesses that have achieved success in various industries around the world as soon as you join Caesar. Moreover, Caesar is given exclusive access to the Meta Lounge Pantheon.
What is Caesar NFT?
Caesar NFT is an NFT project with the characteristics of PFPs NFT that can be used as a profile image on various SNS or other services. Caesar NFT is composed of 10,000 ERC-721 Non-Fungible Tokens on the Ethereum network.
How do you purchase Caesar NFT?
Caesar NFTs will be released first to a specially managed and selected Whitelist. Afterwards, it will be traded in the secondary market place below at the public sale stage. Opensea - Blur - Looksrare - X2Y2 - Upbit NFT - Korbit NFT -
Where do you store Caesar NFT?
Starting with MetaMask, Caesar NFT will support various Wallet Connects.
Where will secondary sales of CAESAR take place?
Caesar NFT will be traded in the following marketplaces: Opensea - Blur - Looksrare - X2Y2 - Upbit NFT - Korbit NFT -
You are immediately subject to the company’s terms of use and licensing policy as soon as you own Caesar NFT. Please refer to the CAESAR LICENSE on our website.
How can you spot an impersonation, scam, or phishing scam at CAESAR?
Caesar's certified smart contracts can be found here. Caesar currently does not support any websites other than the official websites (, For Caesar's brand channels (SNS channels, etc.), please refer only to accounts connected to the official website, and Caesar Team will never contact users or holders first. If you are contacted by Caesar Team, please make sure to check whether you receive it from the official email address ( or Caesar is not responsible for the consequences of fraud due to impersonation, scams or phishing.
What is the future plan for Caesar?
Caesar is working to form a global business or collaboration network inside the metaverse platform. Starting with Pantheon, the first metaverse platform, we plan to unveil various metaverse business platforms and introduce new content for each phase.

- MetashIp -

What is Metaship?
Metaship is a combined word for Metaverse and Membership which refers to the exclusive benefits that NFT holders have in Caesar Universe.
What are the benefits of having CAESAR?
From the moment you purchase CAESAR, you are granted a Metaship from the Caesar Network. Metaship benefits include: 1. You will be provided with a variety of additional digital contents as the phase progresses, y. 2. Exclusive access to the Caesar Metaverse platform is granted. 3. Access to various offline events and content for Caesar is granted.
If you resell CAESAR, will you lose the Metaship benefits?
Metaship is only active only when you hold Caesar NFT, and you will lose the Metaship if you make a secondary sale through the marketplace.

- Pantheon -

What is Pantheon?
Pantheon is a metaverse business platform which Caesar can only access and does not require any separate applications or programs. Because Pantheon operates on the web, it can be accessed anytime, anywhere that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without time constraints.
How do you enter Pantheon?
Please connect your wallet and verify your Metaship in Caesar's official website. Once you are verified as Caesar, you can access Pantheon from the Explore tab.
What kind of people are in Pantheon?
Pantheon is used by successful individuals or corporate workers in various industries. They are here to look for new business partners who have ideas or capital for global business and collaboration.
What can you do in Pantheon?
Pantheon is the first metaverse platform of the Caesar project where you can start a business or collaboration. Start interacting with other Caesars once you have access to Pantheon. If you start discussing various ideas or business plans with them, you will soon find a trusted and verified partner.
What features does Pantheon support?
Pantheon supports a variety of features that allow you to start your business or collaboration right away. For example, everything you say is automatically translated to the other person's language. Pantheon will continue to support additional features as the roadmap becomes active.